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Services and Rates

Consider booking both septic inspection and home inspection at the same time to take advantage of a $150 discount. An infrared camera is also present as a tool in determining anomalies during the inspection process.

  • Home Inspection – $500
  • Septic Inspection – $600
  • Home + Septic – Discount of $150
  • Condo Inspection – $300 to $375

Prices may be higher for inspections of difficult environments and homes larger than 3000 square feet or on properties greater than 100 km from Ottawa.


Doyle & Galdamez home Inspection, septic inspection, and mold inspection reports are simple, easy-to-read reports combining narrative and checklist formats. This means that information is available at a glance and all findings are clearly explained. Digital pictures and drawings make our reports even more user-friendly. An infrared camera is used during the inspection to provide more complete information where possible. Below you will find a few pages of a sample Doyle & Galdamez home inspection report for your review.

Septic Inspection

Septic Tank & System Inspection Ottawa, Ontario Septic inspections are beyond the scope of most home inspections. We can give you advice as to the condition of the soils and septic systems in most Ottawa areas and what you can expect (especially pertaining to costs) if you find problems, or if the system is expected to keep working …

Home Inspection

Home Inspection Ottawa, Ontario Our home inspection is an impartial objective assessment of the internal systems and structure of a home, with particular attention to family safety concerns. Our home inspection is designed to produce a report that includes an assessment of the home’s foundation, exterior, heating system, ventilation, plumbing, electrical system, interior, insulation and roof. An infrared camera is also used, …