Team Building

Consider Maximillion for your next away day. With a fantastic range of indoor and outdoor team building games, there really is something for everyone. We provide energisers, mini icebreakers and evening entertainment that suits all budgets, group profiles, aims and objectives.

Invest in your business’s success with a bespoke package of team building exercises that will improve communication, boost morale, and promote creative thinking and problem-solving. Our bespoke events encourage the improvement of working relationships through our team bonding exercises.

Our events have been praised and greatly appreciated by businesses and their teams. In turn, this has generated a great reputation that we pride ourselves on.

Team Building – Cohesive, Collaborative and Creative

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Evening Entertainment

Spice up your evening event with fun and exciting team entertainment like Mixology classes, Bandeoke, and Murder Mystery evenings. Whether you want to bring a unique twist to the office Christmas party, or simply reward your employees for their hard work, our great evening events are guaranteed to both entertain and inspire.

If it's your first time organising an event for a group of people, don't worry. We have plenty of options to choose from and we'll help you every step of the way. Once we get to know more about what you're hoping to gain from our team building services, we can align your goals with the aim of the game.

See how these fantastic evening activity options will include all your guests and make your occasion more interactive and memorable.

Sandy Smith

Sandy is our leading expert in Team Events, as well as our Learning and Development offering, and is responsible for their growing success. In addition to his event work, Sandy works in the office on sales, and brings to you Maximillion’s monthly e-shots and featured news.

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Outdoor Team Building

Inspiring outdoors activities designed to improve communication, build trust and develop relationships. We offer a range of unique outdoor challenges and experiences including treasure hunts, adventure rallies, and full company fun days for you and your team to enjoy. We have outdoor team building packages suitable for people of all activity levels; just let us know about your requirements. If you’re looking for a much needed day out of the office, discover how each outdoor team building option can benefit individuals, teams and your organisation as a whole.

Team Building Benefits

Wondering how team building can help your team develop? or how to get co-workers mingling more? Here at Maximillion, we have spent nearly 30 years perfecting our corporate team building activities in order to get the best results for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

They're perfect for long-established and new teams, as well as large and small teams. Take a look at just some of the ways our packages can add value to your business and bring out your employees’ hidden potential:

Increase team members morale & employee engagement: Team building can help your staff to feel happier in their roles, and more connected with their colleagues.

Promote creative thinking, teamwork skills, leadership skills & problem-solving: We present your team with unusual challenges and activities. This encourages lateral thinking and creative solutions through the types of team building activities we offer.

Better communication & collaboration: Teams will have to work together and communicate effectively to overcome the challenges we set them. We encourage your employees to work with colleagues they might not know as well, helping to forge new connections across your business.

Boost motivation: A day away from the office in a fresh, creative environment could be just what burnt out employees need to feel inspired again.

Develop new skills: Team building is an investment in employee development; this is the perfect way to upskill your team and show them you care enough to invest in their development. A time management or problem-solving activity can help team members better deal with day to day issues.

A time management or problem-solving activity can help team member’s better deal with day to day issues.

Helps employee retention: Bringing your team together and offering an exciting but challenging task to break the norm can improve employees happiness. Happy employees are less likely to leave their job and offering something new will keep things exciting. Employee retention can be expensive so this is a great way to try and prevent this.

Learning & Development

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Enhance your team building activity with a team development intervention tailored to help you achieve your objectives.  An experienced facilitator will provide constructive feedback about individual and team performance, giving you all the guidance you need to build a world-class team. Our outdoor and indoor team building events can improve team spirit as well as development.  Learn more in our Learning and development section. 

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Maximillion has many years experience of organising meetings and conferences and can help with the design, production and event management of your own conference. Whether you’re looking to put on a small company event, or a bustling multi day conference, we offer a complete service to help you plan the best event possible. Visit our conference section to learn more.

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Beat the early morning or post-lunch blues with a stimulating energiser. Perfect for pressured teams that are short on time, these team games and icebreakers will leave your employees feeling engaged and inspired once more. Energisers can:

Improve the mood of your team, especially if they're stuck in a rut or not feeling motivated.

Help form a bond in new and existing teams.

Encourage teams to work as more of a whole.

Inject a fun atmosphere into the office to break routine.

There are many energisers you can choose from; some may suit your team more than others, but, we will always help you in choosing the right experience to energise your team. Browse our short, fun energising activities designed to quickly make participants feel like part of a group and leave a smile on everyone's face.

Indoor Team Building

Weatherproof your away day or include indoor team building activities in your meeting or conference agenda. Choose from our range of fun indoor team building activities that will increase communication, leadership and development amongst all team members. Carefully designed to promote collaboration and build new skills, our activities will have a tangible impact on your team’s effectiveness. If team morale has fallen, our activities will lift your team’s spirits, helping them to feel more motivated, inspired, and productive. Team building games have been around for centuries, but we have worked hard to ensure the output of our team-building exercises meets modern demands as well as your business goals. We'll work closely with you to select the indoor team building activity that will focus on the area you wish to develop, whether that be communication skills, decision making, problem-solving skills or just the activity that will bring your team the most fun. We're experts in corporate team building, it's not only a new team that need icebreakers and fun activities. Small teams or large groups, new or established teams can benefit from working towards a common goal in a fun game environment. Team bonding is important if you wish to have a productive team that is passionate and possess the creative thinking needed to overcome daily tasks. Indoor team building games can help flourish better communication between your team and break barriers to enable creative problem-solving.

Corporate Team Building

At our corporate team building events, your team will be working together towards a common goal, much like in a business.

We have extensive team building experience which enables us to tailor games to similar objectives to those of your business.

We offer the best team building activities throughout the UK. Our expertise in generating fun and progressive challenges separates us from the competition. Not only this, but our staff is always complimented on their knowledge, friendly attitude and approach ability. We really invest in creating a memorable experience for every single person.

Check out our full range of team building locations, facilities, and team-development activities. Whether that be our team building events in London or corporate events in Glasgow.

You can contact us through our phone number at 0345 901 1422 or our contact form.