• What countries are supporting these forced labor practices by accepting Cuban workers?

    The list is long – more than 65 countries currently ignore their own labor laws and support the exploitation of Cuban professionals. Countries who currently take advantage of this system include India, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Venezuela.

  • Have any countries chosen to stop using Cuban labor in recent years?

    After the 2018 national elections, the newly elected government of Brazil quickly moved to eliminate the arrangement with Cuba. Brazil offered to provide the Cuban medical professionals in the country with asylum and to give them the opportunity to validate their medical licenses if they chose to stay. More than 3,000 Cubans took the offer. The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba has been actively funding a local Brazilian NGO Fica Doctor that helps these individuals.

  • What can be done about the other countries that continue to exploit doctors trafficked by Cuba?

    Even with Brazil’s actions, Cuba stands to bring in over $7.5 billion every year from its trafficking of medical professionals. If the countries that continue engage in this horrible business with Cuba were publicly shamed for their exploitation of these Cuban doctors in violation of international law, perhaps they will reconsider the way Brazil did, and force Cuba to provide its citizens with the freedom and dignity they are entitled to as human beings.


Thanks to FHRC’s supporters, the Cuban Government continues to see its income shrink as more and more professionals sent abroad are finding the courage and means to leave their oppressive situations behind. With your support, we can continue to provide sensitive awareness information to policy makers and to support those seeking to escape their enslavement arrangement and seek a better life for them and their families in other countries.