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Home Inspection

Home Inspection Ottawa, Ontario

Our home inspection is an impartial objective assessment of the internal systems and structure of a home, with particular attention to family safety concerns. Our home inspection is designed to produce a report that includes an assessment of the home’s foundation, exterior, heating system, ventilation, plumbing, electrical system, interior, insulation and roof. An infrared camera is also used, whenever possible, to aid in the inspection process to help determine deficiencies in insulation, structure or other internal issues such as water damage.  Limits are present based on outside temperatures, time of day and climatic conditions.  We also inspect septic systems on rural properties.

The inspection of the house is completed in accordance with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and accepted practices in the industry.  All components of the house as listed with the Association are inspected.

You are encouraged to attend the inspection and ask any questions that may come to mind. A typical home inspection takes between 2 and 3 hours to properly complete.

A final walk through of the home is completed after the full home inspection to make sure all light switches, fans, other electrical equipment and water taps are turned off and the home left undisturbed.

Your home inspection report

The home inspection report is a written profile of your home that identifies required repairs. The home inspection report will provide an estimate of major repair costs and a priority rating to indicate the relative importance of each item. It includes a maintenance guide for you to follow after you purchase your home, as well as a life cycle and cost of replacement chart for the home’s various components. Naturally, the home inspection report can identify that your new home may not require any repairs in the near future – either way, you gain peace of mind and security in the decision to purchase your new home.

The inspection Report is provided only to the purchaser of the report and all details in the report are kept in confidence.

The home inspection process

Every aspect of your home inspection is thorough and complete. For instance, the “electrical system”, the main electric panel is one of the first items that we will look at, including visually accessible wiring and a representative number of outlets connected to the system. We estimate the type and age of wiring in the home and whether or not safety upgrades are appropriate. All fuses or breakers are checked for proper amperage, we look for loose or frayed wires and if aluminum wiring has been used.

This thoroughness is extended to every part of the home from the furnace and ventilation system, foundation and wood structure, plumbing, insulation and exterior right up to the attic and the roof and any peculiarities that may be unique to the home.

Plan to accompany your home inspector. Allow for around 2 to 3 hours, and be sure to ask all the questions you like.  Our home inspectors really enjoy their work and love to share their knowledge.

Your home inspector

Our staff are well trained and dedicated to introducing you to a new home through a detailed home inspection and providing the best information you need to make financial decisions.

Combine the home inspection with a more thorough mold or air quality inspection for added peace of mind at a discount.