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Future Events……….

Clearly we are a long way off from getting this place to where it needs to be. But together we are going to get there and were just absolutely busting at the seams with brilliant community events, plans and things to do when it comes to the opening of the Veterans Garage Mcr. The surroundings are already stunning at City Airport but with the addition of the Veterans Garage and the community automotive club together we can really bring some show stopping events to the Northwest. Oh and guess what, whoever said raising money couldn’t be done with just having fun ? …. it all goes towards helping our veterans and local causes.

Christmas Parties:


We will certainly be celebrating Christmas with a big bang once were up and running with veterans parties, functions for automotive/aviation groups associated with the club and with our proposed sleek lounges and intimate atmosphere it wont be one to be missed.

New Years Parties:


Its pretty certain to say we will be having some incredible New Year charity balls over at the Veterans Garage Mcr … Featured masquerades and vintage razzmatazz a must 😉

Summer Community Picnics:


Within the picturesque setting of City Airport and its added allure of aviation, who wouldn’t want to pick a spot, lay back and enjoy a summers day at the airport while using the Veterans Garage club house facilities…. Its a no brainer 😉



To accompany those car, motorcycle, scooter and aviation clubs coming in from all around the Northwest it would be rude not to have the BBQ going juicy burgers, hot dogs and more… We’ll even be bringing in the hog roasts…. a biker club staple baby !

Vintage Revival Days/Weekends :


As you can probably tell from our restoration project & our Gil Elvgren pin up theme we LOVE all things vintage. Get yourself dressed to impress with our revival days & weekends transforming City Airport into the historical dreamland it once was (as seen in our website header picture) with vintage music, cars bikes, planes, clothing, dancing and vintage market stalls … we plan on creating a go to wonderland for all vintage lovers in the Northwest and beyond collaborating with the already historical Airport and its soon to be re-opened bomb shelters. Where else could be more perfect to take a regular trip back in time?

Aviation Shows :


Its fair enough to say City Airport have brought back the glamour of aviation in the Northwest in 2015 with the return of The Barton Air Show! We look forward to creating some amazing Automotive and Aviation collective spectaculars over at the airfield … One to keep eyes and ears out for people!

Automotive Shows:


Veterans Garage Mcr works in partnership with Auto Crowd Group, welcoming Car Clubs from all around the Northwest and beyond featuring classic, American, Super-car, Rally, custom and definitely VW Camper stay overs !! From breakfast clubs to pizza evenings…You name it we’ll ave it !!

Motorbike Rally’s:


We have a large network of bike clubs and welcome all from the Northwest and surrounding areas. We will have choppers, cafe racers, classics, super bikes & trikes… no matter what form of motorcycle or group your club will be welcomed at the facility and look forward to some great motorcycle rallys.

Scooter Clubs :


There are dozens of scooter clubs dotted around the Northwest, hopefully making the Veterans Garage a regular hotspot for all those Mods & groovy scooter clubs to come and have meets/rally’s taking advantage of the scenery and facilities.

Home Cooked Food:


Veterans Garage will be dishing up some awesome home cooked delights! Were are working on a modern British/American menu with some great hangover staple, contemporary salads and some killer deserts.

Did Someone Say Ice Cream? :


Mmmmm did someone say Ice cream ? At Veterans Garage Mcr we love ice cream so be expecting plenty of flavours come wind, rain or shine.



I know primarily we are an automotive club and by no means would we ever promote drink driving or allow it at the facility … but god damn we love beer so this facility is going to be done smart enough for you and your guests to hang out, watch sports, each great food and live the dream in our sleek hotel style lounges, day or night …. car or no car this is gonna be the spot my friend 😉

More Beers :


Did we mention we LOVE beers… expect a great selection of continental beers and our favourite…. ice cold draft beers served at 29 degrees, private label beers and a full service bar….Yeeeehaaaa !

Community Workshops


The Veterans Garage Mcr is first and foremost a charitable organisation run by and for veterans. Some weekends we will hold community workshops where you can come and get stuck-in with the veterans, give your input, check out the restoration projects and learn a thing or two about starting your own automotive restoration. If you’ve got a love of mechanics or just a love of all things automotive this will be one you’ll enjoy.



We love Halloween at Veterans Garage and plan on transforming the historic building and courtyard into a spooky bonanza for all, with community kids parties throughout the day to a hauntingly good haunt for the adults bash at night. It will be a frightastic treat for young and old …. muhahahaha !!

Weekend Driving Trips:


What would be the use in all these amazing vehicles coming to the club house if we didn’t organise some kick ass driving days ? We have some great partners in our automotive network including exclusive hotels, stunning scenic routes, stately homes, beaches, awesome eateries and recreational venues across the UK to create some perfect weekend driving tours whether your preference is cars, motorcycles or scooters.

Community Music Festivals:


Now were not talking Glastonbury but we can surely accommodate some great music festivals at Veterans Garage Mcr working with City Airport, from wine and jazz festivalS, classical shows to even some 80s and old school rock!!

Wanna hear more ??


……………..Okay !!……………

Family Fun Days:


They’ll be some great family fun days going on at Veterans Garage Mcr with tonnes of stuff for the kids to do and see along with the adults of the group. another great win win for parents…. We are also planning some great offsite community events to raise money too including………….

Golf Trips…………..


Fishing Trips…………………


Errrrrrm…. NO !………


Fundraising Bike Rides…………


Fundraising Walks & Runs………..


Movie Nights………………..


Community Health Awareness days……….


Private Functions…………………..


A Dog Friendly Place Where……………


Women can be women ………….


And Men can be Men ………Errrrmmmm ???


And Men can be Men ………


And if all that has left you exhausted and thirsty …….


Get yourself back for some more Beers…….


Help us give thanks to our Veterans and support your community with Veterans Garage Mcr ……

To our Supporters & Contributors ….WE SALUTE YOU !! …………….



Charitable unincorporated Organisation.


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