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Jayson Redshaw
Co Founder

Jayson was 19 when he joined the Royal Engineers (37 Armoured Engineer Squadron, 35 Engineer Regiment).

Passing out in 2008 at ATR Pirbright he then went on to complete his combat engineering in Minley Gibraltar Barracks quickly followed by C3S (communications specialist) In 2009 Jayson was posted to 35 Engr Regt Paderborn Germany where he would continue to learn his trade. In Aug 2011 Jayson deployed on Op Herrick 15 as a section Sapper and remained in Afghanistan until end of March 2012 in which time he lost his close friend Sapper Elijah Bond, who was killed in an ied attack. Upon return from Afghanistan Jayson deployed on Op Olympics 2012 tasked with security inspections of vehicles.

With turn of events in Afghanistan Jayson struggled to cope and after the Olympics struggled to get into normal military life. Leaving the Army on his own accord in May 2013.

In 2015 Jay Released the son Transition in an attempt to deal with the underling grief and get a message out to others that they aren’t on their own.

Now Jay and Dan hope this new project we be a long standing testament to veterans from all over the Northwest and beyond, giving Ex servicemen a safe haven not only to gain help but have fun.

Dan Redshaw
Co Founder

Dan worked in the construction industry for over 15 years in which time wore many hats including the role of Project Consultant. Leaving this industry in 2014 and looking for a new adventure joined the ranks of Auto Crowd Group (a free to join network of Automotive, Marine & Aviation clubs) as the company COO in view to developing the platforms future onto the global stage.

Upon conversation with Jayson after the release of the song Transitions on how to further pursue the highlighted cause of PTSD in our Veterans, both decided it would be a great idea to combine forces. Bringing together peoples love of all things automotive and helping our country’s Veterans into what could potentially turn into a self sufficient charity, funded from an incredible meeting facility for Car, Motorcycle & Scooter enthusiasts across the Northwest and beyond, then the idea came to compliment this facility with a classic car & motorcycle restoration centre ran by and for Northwest Veterans to fund an onsite PTSD support centre.

Team Members, Under Construction…..

Veteran Garage